Jeff Turner


Thinking about where I am the most peaceful and the clearest minded, it would be while in the very midst of the wilderness. It energizes and enlightens me. Wilderness teaches me how very much I am part of this earth. It teaches me that how I conduct my life now directly affects the earth changes that we are now experiencing both locally and on a global level. For me, there is nothing more relaxing than to wander without schedule, with camera and tripod on my back allowing the wilderness to present all its surprises. My photography reflects this priority. Please enjoy with me the surprises that nature and our surroundings serves up. Sign my guestbook


My beginnings in photography started in junior high school with the encouragement of an art teacher named Mrs. Stevens. I was learning to paint with several types of media at that time and Mrs. Stevens encouraged me to photograph scenes and to paint from those photographs. Obviously I took to the photography more than the painting. During high school I took every photography class that was offered. I continued as photography major during my university studies and began to investigate art schools for graduate programs, I realized that they were far beyond my financial means. With that discovery, I switched gears and quickly transitioned to science and set a new course.

I re-entered the world of photography about 5 years ago but now with digital technology. I took my 20 years of experience with film and the wet darkroom and began retraining myself using the latest in digital technology and computer software.


I have assembled the necessary digital camera systems to handle most any task from backcountry landscape work to studio portraits and interior architecture. I use a variety of digital formats from high sensitivity low light small format digital, high resolution small format digital and 33 mega pixel medium format digital. Galleries

-Jeff Turner